Wow. As usual, your responses always shed light on my stories :)

Tracy AstonThanks for sharing your powerful and moving story. It’s a pity how people have to suffer from a stigma, on top of their actual illness.

Everyone’s talking about fake news, but they don’t realize our issues as a society are much bigger. A ‘fake identity’ is what pushing people to pretend to live in a certain way to please ‘others.’ That’s why they become blind to those who suffer. They want to hide those who don’t fit into a picture-perfect fantasy.

Agree there’s more education happening, but there’s still a long way to go. I think CEOs would be a great point to start. Most corporations love to talk about their purpose, but don’t do much about it. There are many that have social responsibility programs and support specific causes. But I don’t think they do much to educate their employees in the art of empathy, compassion, and tolerance.

You are doing a terrific job. Your passion and understanding is contagious.

Enjoy life!

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