Thanks Sivabudh Pac Umpudh for the encouragement.

You are right, starting at a younger age has many advantages.

The purpose of my article is encouraging people to start, not letting their age become an excuse. As I briefly mentioned on the story, I started a company when I was much younger too.

It’s not about being older is better. Anyone can start their business with the right conditions.

There are also two facts:

  • the percentage of innovators age 20–34 has reduced dramatically from 1990 to 2015 according to Kauffman Institute, while start up run by people 50+ have almost doubled in the same period.
  • Some startups require preparation. Starting a new technology is about creating something new, so as you say, less experience opens innovation. In my case, to start a school to help people prepare for change leadership required a lot of preparation. Having run several organizations helped me learned a lot on how people deal with change. I studied and experimented with various methodologies to build my own, etc. etc.

Thanks for reading my piece!

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