Thanks Jasenko Ramljak You bring a great perspective, that of the job seeker. My article was mostly focused on the leaders who “drive” organizational culture.

You present a human and realistic approach of those who live, build and stretch an organizational culture: current and future employees. Without the people, there’s no culture; just leaders with fancy vision powerpoint decks.

Organizations like to believe that culture is static because it feels that it can be controlled but actually is dynamic and build by everyone not just leaders.

The last point you are sharing is the fear of being honest. Why hide the reality of day-t0-day work during an interview process? If you decide to join the organization, you’ll soon find out and then get frustrated or quit. If working long hours in an issues it might due to good reasons (the company is growing fast) or something bad (lack of good management). Either way, a new hire can provide a fresh perspective and some good ideas on how to improve that.

I wrote a post a couple of months ago about creating a culture of transparency. It taps into this issues that you are bringing.


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