Thanks Elvis Lieban I agree that flexibility is turning into a hot currency at the workplace. I have experienced both positive and negative situations. Flexibility per se could turn into another cool yet meaningless perk like having a ping pong table or free food. If an organization offers those perks just for the sake of it, simply to be perceived as a cool place, it won’t create any impact. Flexibility should be offered with a purpose. Like: why is the company doing that, how does it connect to the culture and how will flexibility benefit both the employee and the company? Yes, it should be a win-win. I’ve seen a lot of companies offering perks to make things so attractive or easy for the employees that confuses the purpose of workplace. As an organization, you should create comfort but not at the expense of not encouraging people to stretch out of their comfort zone. It’s about finding the right balance between a friendly and a competitive environment.

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