Stretch for Change #75: Who’s in Charge?

Your weekly dose of insights to lead change

1. This Week’s Posts

Give Yourself Permission to Lead

The case for democratizing leadership. Why organizations must unleash the leadership gene within their employees. The benefits of fluid authority. #leadership #HR #personalgrowth

The Most Important Skill People Are Losing

The self-centered culture is blinding us — people are caring less about the feelings and predicaments of others. How to recover the social glue — the power of empathy and compassion. #mindfulness #selfawareness

The Power of Visualization: How to Achieve What You Want

Visualization is not a fad, but a science-backed method to train the mind and increase performance. Athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs successfully apply visual rehearsals. Visualization activates brain cells as much as actual action. #productivity #creativity

2. Compassion Meditation — Video

Discover your basic goodness and transform anger into loving-kindness.. Watch Now.

3. “The Righteous Mind” (book)

Why good people are divided by religion and politics. Drawing on twenty-five years of groundbreaking research, Jonathan Haidt shows how moral judgments arise not from reason but from gut feelings. Check out the book.

4. Reboot Your Team (Workshop)

Has your team lost its mojo? Does your team feel stuck? Before you team becomes dysfunctional, play the reset button. Even the most successful teams get stuck from time to time.

This workshop will help you unblock mindset and improve overall performance. It’s time to reboot your team. Learn more.

5. Additional Reading

“Sports Visualization: The Secret Weapon of Athletes”

Olympians practice mental rehearsal to build the right mindset and familiarize with victory long before it happens. You don’t need to be an athlete to benefit from visualization. Read now.

“Are You Suffering From Empathy Deficit Disorder?”

Psychologist Douglas LaBier provides some hints to deal with EDD. Read now.

“Meet Your Future Self”

An effective exercise to connect with your goals but, most importantly, to learn how to overcome obstacles. Check it out.

“How to Conquer Your Blind Spots”

What we see clouds our judgment; what we don’t see clouds our behaviors. Read now.

6. One Quote:

“To see what is in front of one’s nose is a constant struggle.” — George Orwell.

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Self-Awareness is considered the meta-skill of the 21st Century. Self-aware individuals are more adaptive, creative, and resilient.

Adaptive Teams thrive in change. They collaborate, communicate, and solve tensions more effectively.

A Culture of Abundance is one that drives both personal and business growth. It provides Psychological Safety, promotes curiosity, and encourages people to take risks and experiment.

Our transformational experiences liberate the ‘change gene’ within everyone.

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