Stretch for Change #74: How to Overcome Distractions

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1. This Week’s Posts

How to Escape from Our Meeting Addiction

We have a love-hate relationship with meetings. The more we want to get rid of them, the more we crave for meetings. This “Prune and Crop” approach will help you reduce, shorten, or optimize your meetings. #leadership #productivity #HR

Why Distraction Is Not the Enemy

Living in an era of distraction is not as bad as everyone is telling us. Sometimes, the best way to overcome distractions is to overcome it rather than fight it. The benefits of a wandering mind. #productivity #creativity #mindfulness

2. How to Train Your Monkey Mind –Video

Dealing with our wandering mind doesn’t requires as much time and effort as we think. Watch Now.

3. “SuperBetter: The Power of Living Gamefully” (book)

Renowned game designer Jane McGonigal suffered a severe concussion. Unable to think clearly or work, she became anxious and depressed. Rather than let herself sink further, she decided to focus on what she does best: she turned her recovery process into a resilience-building game. Check out the book

4. Reboot Your Team (Workshop)

Has your team lost its mojo? Does your team feel stuck? Before you team becomes dysfunctional, play the reset button. Even the most successful teams get stuck from time to time. This workshop will help you unblock your team and improve its performance. It’s time to reboot your team. Learn more.

5. Additional Reading

“The Era of Distraction Is a Myth”

Are digital devices destroying our focus and memory? Or is it just a myth? Read now.

“Have More Productive Meetings”

Does my team need to flare or to focus? Read now.

“Social Media has the exact same negative effect on depression as eating potatoes”

Thought-provoking piece by Nir Eyal. Read More.

“The Surprising Truth about Addiction”

More people quit bad habits than maintain them, and they do so on their own. People succeed when they recognize that the addiction interferes with something they value — and when they develop the confidence that they can change. Read now.

6. One Quote:

“A meeting is an event in which the minutes are kept and the hours are lost.” — Anonymous

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