Igor Soloydenko On the same page. Unfortunately, managers don’t want to listen to what’s not working because it’s uncomfortable. They believe that acting on denial is easier than taking responsibility to fix things. Most managers have been raised in a “perfectionist” world so they have a hard time accepting mistakes and flaws. The truth is, it’s easier to fix something that’s not working that allow your team to pile up frustration.

I hear your pain and I’m sorry for that.

BTW, what I meant by not allowing “complaints” is not allowing those who complain and boicot the organization for the sake of it. But listening to feedback and ideas, especially when makes managers uneasy, that’s the purpose of addressing tensions to improve organizations. And the focal point of this piece.

Stay good! Be brave. Change is for courageous folks :)

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I help teams and organizations build fearless cultures. Creator of the Culture Design Canvas. Insights → bit.ly/ChangeInsights

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