Hi ZaraMoon Thanks for your feedback. To be clear, I don’t support or encourage any kind of violence, supremacy, or colonization (regardless of the creed or race behind it). However, I believe that as human beings we can (and should) learn from anyone’s behavior — even from those that we don’t agree with from a moral, ethical, personality, etc. standpoint.

The example showcases an attitude that was successful and then become a well-known call to action. The expression “burn your ships” is about removing the ‘way out’ so we can focus on moving forward — it doesn’t involve destroying someone else’s world.

There’s a difference between the act and the intentions— I’m endorsing his determination and action (the what) not his purpose (the why).

That distinction is a sensitive topic. I wrote about here: https://blog.liberationist.org/the-perfection-of-the-soul-dont-just-do-the-right-thing-5db2890e6ece There are many schools of thoughts and approaches.

Thank you again for commenting.


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