Hi Syed Sajjad yours is not an easy question. There’s no simple answer either. Let me share some thoughts.

I think that even when we are running out of time, there’s always time for us to focus on what we like. Actually, sometimes feeling lost or lonely could become a great motivator to recover passion for life.

Start by identifying little things that inspire you. The media get us confused by positioning Passions in life as something grandiose, thus making us feel intimidated.

The best way to find your passion is to experiment at a small scale. Start trying with new things. Basic activities like writing, reading, drawing, sports are nice ways to start. Reading is a good way to discover things that might excite you. Same with writing, jot your thoughts as they come to mind. Spend some time in the morning at noon and before you go to bed. Capture the things that make you feel curious, good or excited. That’s a nice way to get started. Do those things more often. Turn them into a priority. Practice. Read more about them.

Each person’s life is an unexpected journey, it takes our whole life to discover who we are and where we are heading. Trust yourself. All the best!

I help teams and organizations build fearless cultures. Creator of the Culture Design Canvas. Insights → www.fearlessculture.design/blog

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