Hi Ejerson Balabas I think hate is a choice. We cannot completely control how we feel but we can manage those emotions. It’s a human tendency but I wouldn’t call it “useful”. Hate gets us stuck. It’s an emotion that doesn’t allow to progress.

We hate in others what we hate in ourselves, mostly. Even if someone does us wrong, we can forgive them or ignore them and move on. When we can‘t let got of an emotion, we become a victim of it. That’s why I believe it’s a choice. It’s not easy to forgive or forget someone. But it’s more helpful than being stuck hating someone. The person whom we hate will become more important in our lives and end being a distraction.

Hate and love are the two most powerful emotions. They can open possibilities or blind us. That’s our choice.


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I help teams and organizations build fearless cultures. Creator of the Culture Design Canvas. Insights → bit.ly/ChangeInsights

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