Hello EVA SAMARANCH Thanks for your feedback.

I’m sorry if you feel I’m trying to mislead people.

To clarify, I didn’t say there was a causation effect. The behaviors you mentioned above are correlated but not caused by “introspection.”

The word “introspection” creates confusion. Another mindfulness based therapy (ACT- Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) talks about defusion as way to separate ourselves from our thoughts as I wrote here:

  • Noticing thoughts rather than being caught up in them
  • Letting thoughts come and go rather than holding on to them

I wouldn’t consider that “introspection” but others people might.

Here’s some research on introspection that was linked on the article:

Dr. Tasha Eurich about the right/ wrong way to do introspection:

A piece of research that shows that the process of self-reflection and insights are independent:






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