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  • Dr. Marina Harris

    Dr. Marina Harris

    PhD, Licensed Psychologist | Empathetic advice backed by science - because I want to help you live a more joyful, more fulfilled life | www.drmarinaharris.com

  • Alastair Simpson

    Alastair Simpson

    I help teams create engaging, sustainable product experiences…with the help of pencils, sharpies, post-its and collaborative thinking…Design Leader @ Atlassian

  • Javier Escribano

    Javier Escribano

    CPO at Ontruck. Co-founder of TouristEye (acquired by LonelyPlanet). 500Startups alumni

  • Shenequa Golding

    Shenequa Golding

    Shenequa is a Gemini which means Shenequa is dope as all get out!

  • Jessica Powell

    Jessica Powell

    Technophile, technophobe. Music software start-up founder. Former Google VP. Author, The Big Disruption. Fan of shochu, chocolate, and the absurd.

  • Dan Pham

    Dan Pham

    San Francisco, CA, Planet Earth. Asian American working in Tech. I’m trying my best! Currently: Technical Program Management @ Slack

  • Jennifer Kate Ward

    Jennifer Kate Ward

    Writer/Content Creator/Brand Storyteller・San Francisco, CA

  • Jay Lynch

    Jay Lynch

    I think about learning, a lot

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